Xanthelasma Removal Treatment in Durgapur

Xanthelasma is a skin condition that appears as a soft, yellowish lump and usually occurs around the eyelids. This condition is a result of cholesterol deposition on the skin. Though it isn’t harmful, many people seek treatment to improve their physical appearance. In this article, we will discuss the treatment for xanthelasma and its types, results, side effects, and many more.
What are the different types of xanthelasma?
There are two types of xanthelasma:
1. Flat or irregularly shaped,
2. Soft or hard ones.
What are the treatments available for xanthelasma?
1. RF Cautery: Xanthelasma can be treated with RF Cautery, which emits radio frequency energy into the skin and destroys the tissue forming this skin condition. The result can be seen in just one session.
2. Cryotherapy: In this procedure, the xanthelasma tissue is frozen with liquid nitrogen, which destroys the xanthelasma growth.
3. Laser therapy: laser treatment, like fractional CO2 lasers, is used for treating xanthelasma by emitting laser light into the skin and removing the damaged skin tissue. It is an effective option to choose, but it requires a few sessions.
Are there any side effects involved after the treatment of xanthelasma?
Mild side effects are possible, which include:
2.Skin discoloration
3. A slight painful sensation in the treated area.

What aftercare is required to maintain the treatment?
1. You are advised not to touch the treated area.
2. To heal the treated area, apply an ointment as prescribed by the doctor with a cotton ball.
3. Do not apply water to the treated area for 3 days.
Though the following treatments can treat xanthelasma problems, in order to prevent them, it is important to take some precautions beforehand:
1. You are recommended to reduce cholesterol.
2. Do not use tobacco products.
3. Maintain a healthy weight.
4. Control diabetes and blood pressure.