Human Resource Development (HRD) focuses on enhancing employee skills, knowledge, and abilities through training, career development, and continuous learning. It aims to improve individual and organizational performance, fostering growth and innovation within the company.

The HRM process involves recruiting, onboarding, training, performance management, compensation, and employee relations. It ensures the right talent is hired, developed, and retained, aligning workforce capabilities with organizational goals for overall success.

Human Resource Management (HRM) is the strategic approach to effectively managing people in an organization, focusing on recruitment, development, performance, and well-being to achieve organizational goals and enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

The importance of Human resource in an organization is considered very high and effective management of people in an organization is the task which is always on priority. Human resources are crucial for an organization's success, driving talent acquisition, development, and retention.

A job specification details the qualifications, skills, education, experience, and attributes required for a specific job, guiding the hiring process by defining the ideal candidate profile to ensure effective job performance and organizational fit.