What does a 10×10 kitchen look like?

A 10×10 kitchen refers to a kitchen layout that measures 10 feet by 10 feet, creating a total square footage of 100 square feet. This compact yet efficient kitchen size is a common standard in kitchen design. Typically, a 10×10 kitchen includes various essential features and appliances strategically arranged within the limited space.

Expect to find the following elements in a 10×10 kitchen:

Cabinetry: The layout often includes upper and lower cabinets, providing ample storage for kitchen essentials. The design may feature a mix of drawers and cabinets to maximize functionality.
Countertops: A 10×10 kitchen typically accommodates a countertop area for food preparation and cooking. Common materials for countertops include granite, quartz, or laminate, depending on the homeowner's preferences.
Appliances: Standard appliances like a refrigerator, stove or cooktop, oven, and dishwasher may be integrated into the layout. Efficient placement ensures a smooth workflow in the limited space.
Sink and Faucet: A sink with a faucet is essential, usually positioned near the preparation and cooking areas for convenience. The sink area may also include a dishwasher for efficient dishwashing.
Island or Peninsula: Some 10×10 kitchen designs incorporate an island or peninsula to provide additional workspace and storage. This feature can also serve as a casual dining area, creating a multifunctional space.
Lighting: Adequate lighting is crucial in a small kitchen. The design may include a combination of overhead lights, under-cabinet lighting, and possibly pendant lamps over an island or peninsula to brighten the space.
Backsplash: A decorative backsplash adds visual appeal and protects the wall from splashes and spills. Common materials for backsplashes include tile, glass, or even stainless steel.