Utility Electromagnetic Flow Meter

With the release of our brand-new Tek-Flux 1400C Utility Electromagnetic Flow Meter, we hope to further your understanding with our master plan, which includes the digital launch package that is detailed below.

We offer our Utility Electromagnetic Flow Meter as a Battery Powered or Line Powered option, which is commonly utilized for Potable Water applications. Applications using potable (drinking) water get NSF approval. Five years of battery life reduces maintenance requirements and increases the efficiency of smart measurements in field instruments. An inline battery-powered magmeter is specifically made for situations in which power supplies and energy are not available.

1- Maintenance Free.
2- Integral or remote transmitter.
3- Field interchangeable electronics.
4- Absolute zero stability.
5- Eliminates noise.
6- Battery Powered Device.
7- A backlight LCD with menu setting control and password protection.
8- Autoflow compensation.
9- Ensures empty pipe detection.
10- Ensures zero-point stability and high reliability.