Two Stunning Images from James Webb Space Telescope

James Webb Space Telescope was launched on 21st at December 2021 and six months after that its first results were released. Now it is almost one year since its new results came and there are some splendid images. So 12 days ago on the eve of its anniversary. But no I will not share those images. I will not trying to impress you. But I will show you a recent image. This is called HARBIC HARO OBJECT. It’s type of new stars, but this is not important. If you see a little under you will see a question mark there which has been imaged by James Webb space telescope.

It seems our universe is also raising questions what is its (universe) object and should it expand or not. This was a in a lighter mood but the astronomers think this question mark in the background is probably two galaxies, when they collected send interacted their shape bent a little due to gravity. This is a coincident that it is looking to us like a question mark.