Transmission Service with RV & Camper Engine Services Winnipeg | Seven Oaks Transmissions

Transmission Service with RV & Camper Engine Services Winnipeg | Seven Oaks Transmissions
Seven Oaks Transmissions: Top choice for camper repair and transmission rebuild in Winnipeg. Expert solutions for all transmission issues.
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Seven Oaks Transmissions is a full-service automotive transmission repair business that has been serving Winnipeg since 1980. Our Certified technicians are professionals and use the best automotive diagnostic equipment to troubleshoot and fix customers' car problems quickly and efficiently. This ensures our customers are repaired correctly the first time, saving them unnecessary auto repair costs down the road. Seven Oaks Transmissions values our reputation as being the best transmission and auto repair shop in Winnipeg, we offer only the highest quality automotive service & repair for each and every customers' vehicle. Please feel free to call us to book an appointment and get your vehicle back on the road.

Transmission Adjustments & In-Car Repairs
The technicians at Seven Oaks Transmissions understand that problems with your vehicle's transmission can often be resolved with adjustments or a minor repair. In fact, a simple adjustment can be done without even removing the transmission from the vehicle. When a late model transmission is failing to shift correctly, it can often be due to a faulty sensor receiving incorrect signals from the computer. Additionally shifting problems can arise when a transmission is not responding to the computer correctly due