Top 10 Machine Learning Projects for Engineering Students

Are you looking for Machine Learning projects??Looking no further! Takeoff Edu Group offers a wide range of Machine Learning projects specifically designed for engineering students. These projects aim to provide hands-on learning experiences, fostering creativity and technical skills.
• Sentiment Classification from Text Using Deep Learning Algorithm
• Comparative Analysis of ML Algorithms for Drought for Prediction
• Anemia Estimation for Patients Using a ML Model
• Detection of Chronic Kidney Disease using Machine Learning
• Machine Learning Algorithm For Brain Stroke Detection
• Detecting and Characterizing Extremist Reviewer Groups in Online
• Deep Analysis of Autism Spectrum Disorder Detection Techniques.
• Fraud Detection in Credit Card Data using Unsupervised Machine
• Electricity Price Forecasting for Cloud Computing Using an Enhanced
• Analysis for Disease Gene Association Using Machine Learning
All the above mentions projects are some of the examples of Machine Learning projects. If you had your own ideas on project also takeoff edu group will support for project assistance and knowledge of the subjects. For more information visit:-