Pharmaceutical Sciences is a multi-disciplinary field that aims at integrating essential principles of organic chemistry, biochemistry, biology, and engineering to understand how to create and improve the production of drugs.
It is a special area of study for understanding new therapies against various human diseases.
At Shri Venkateshwara University, our globally recognized faculty contributes to the field through inquiry into the functionalities and mechanisms of drug interactions with the human body and the development of advanced artificial or biologically derived materials that can control these interactions in search of better and safer therapies and drug products.
Pharmaceutical science covers many areas of specialization and research like :
• Oncology Pharmacy
• Hospice Pharmacy
• Nutritional support Pharmacy
• Personal Pharmacy
• Nuclear Pharmacy
• Psychopharmacotherapy
• Paediatric Pharmacy

Students of the pharmacy department learn the principles of pharmaceutical sciences through the rigorous core curriculum and practical knowledge.
In addition, the university supports student development on an individual level by altering the elective subjects according to a student’s interests in molecular biology, chemical, and biomedical engineering, physiology and pharmacology, etc.
With a solid foundation and state-of-the-art education, the students are well-experienced and skilled to become an integral part of the explorations and discoveries of the pharmaceutical industry.
The pharmacy industry is enormous. It covers a myriad of areas, to name a few :
Drug Discovery and Design –
This area revolves around the design and fusion of new drug molecules. It also includes specialized fields of study, such as medicinal chemistry, structural biology, and the identification of biological targets.
Drug Delivery –
Drug Delivery involves the designing of dosage forms; tablets, injections, or patches that help deliver the drug to the area of concern in a patient. The pr