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Medical iD Shoe Tag
The Medical iD Shoe Tag (Custom Shoe Tag) is a crucial offering from If I Need Help. We understand that individuals with special needs often have unique medical conditions. Ensuring that this information is readily available in emergencies is paramount. The Medical iD Shoe Tag is designed precisely with this need in mind, providing an essential link between medical history and immediate aid.Goes beyond the standard identification features, providing an additional layer of security for individuals with specific medical or behavioral conditions. It's a safeguard for
the unpredictable, a source of vital information when the individual might be unable to communicate it themselves.

Our Medical ID Shoe Tag is resilient, water-resistant, and designed for daily use. It securely attaches to any shoe type with a tie wrap, and houses a QR code. The tag has custom information printed on it, and a scan of this code offers immediate access to the individual's profile on the If I Need Help special needs database. Importantly, it also reveals vital medical information, which could be a game-changer during an emergency.