How to find missing family trees on ancestry?

If you’re trying to find missing family members on Ancestry, there are a few strategies you can use.
If the tree is missing from the trees tab
• You need to, first, move ahead to the trees tab and if you don’t see any tree then you must have signed into the wrong account. So, you need to just sign out from there and then you have to sign into your account instantly.
Or if your tree is blank
• If you see any tree in the list of trees but don’t see any people, then you need to go ahead to your tree. After that, you have to go to the home button mentioned on the left side.
• If the home button doesn’t make people appear then you need to go ahead to the tree search mentioned at the top right corner of your respective tree.
• After that, you need to move ahead to the panel and then choose the list of all people.