An Overview of Fluoropolymer Heat Exchangers and their Key Benefits

Niche Fluoropolymer Products is the leading solutions provider for extremely corrosive and ultrahigh purity applications. FPP products include fluoropolymer tubing, pipe, immersion coils, and shell and tube heat exchangers. Niche FPP is the original and most-experienced manufacturer of fluoropolymer heat exchangers used in the production of acids and bases, chemical processing, metal finishing, and critical processes within the semiconductor industry.

FPP products are manufactured using the finest corrosion-resistance fluoropolymers available today which affords FPP customers a long service life, lower operational costs, improved operating efficiencies, and world-class purity. Fluoropolymers far surpass the effectiveness of other materials used within the industry.

Niche Fluoropolymer heat exchangers Manufacturers reduce chemical processing costs in several important ways. They will reduce downtime, lower maintenance cost, recover and save energy, and improve product purity. Niche Fluoropolymer heat exchangers resist corrosion which will eliminate replacement cost, downtime, or lost production caused by corrosion. The key features of fluoropolymer heat exchangers are as follows: