15 Most Popular Nail Designs 2023

Nail art is a very good and amazing way to make nails attractive and beautiful. Therefore, we have told you about the 15 best and most popular nail designs of 2023 so that you can make your nails beautiful and enhance your personality and style.
Minimalist nails(1) Minimalist nails
Minimalist nails are known for their cleanliness and simplicity. It is used by only one color.
For those who want simplicity and a simple look on their nails, minimalist nail art is the right choice.
This design can also be made sitting at home, as it is easy to make and anyone can make it.
If you have left some parts of your nails exposed, then negative effects can be seen in those places.
Negative space nails(2) Negative space nails
Negative Space Nails This is a design in which the nails are not completely colored. Only some parts of the nails are colored, and some parts are not colored.